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May Days

Date Posted: Thursday, 17 Jun 2021

The Saxon Diaries

May Days

And not those that require an SOS…

May brought some magical calm and peaceful Autumn days, as the sun extended its travel towards its fullest extent over the Hottentot Hollands mountains from our vantage point at Saxon Lodge. The rising with soft pink hues in the sky, reflected in the flat ocean before the morning breeze shows up to whisk the waters. And on setting with sunbeams across Walker Bay as it takes its leave for the evenings. Luscious reds oranges and golds sprayed across the sky invoking passion and honour for the place we call home.

Gansbaai in May, still balmy warm days with amazing colours and crisp edges. Our rugged coastline highlights the drama of the ocean activities and the long pristine beaches the yin version of her out breath, quiet, smooth and giving underfoot. Pure luxury of the wide open space, just you, the sand the ocean and the sky, so that you feel you are on your own special bit of paradise.

The Gansbaai Heath (Erica irregularis) began to show up as we approach June, which is a beautiful and endemic Erica species turning our wilderness landscapes into a flush of pink magic. We should see more of this in June along the slopes entering Gansbaai. Proteas, Blombos, Bithou and many other fynbos species show off their colours and floral displays and perfumes creating a wonderland of nature to walk and hike in.

May brought a few Great White Sharks to the bay to delight our intrepid shark cage divers. A 5 meter female named Eve was tagged and seen on a number of trips according to the daily blogs from the shark operators.

From our deck we watched as sardine shoals created a feeding frenzy for their predators, Bryde’s and Humpback whales, dolphin, fishing birds such as Cape cormarants, Gannets, sea gulls and the occasional Petrel and Penguin. The ocean gets churned up with all this activity reminding me of a washing machine, as the various predators dive in to feast.

The ocean smell drifts gently on the breeze on these beautiful days filling lungs with fresh air and healing hydrogen ions. It certainly seems intuitive why people migrate to the sea to heal after illness and surgery. There is also a calming sense when aligned to the ebb and flow of the tides as it responds to the phases of the moon. Talking of the moon, she sets in the west sky in all her versions often hanging close over the ocean spreading her moon beam stretched across the watery space as a display of beauty and loving emotion.

This is contrasted by the howling northwest wind, cold and forceful, bringing squalls from the horizon to drop their watery load along the way and often disappear as fast as they arise, only to show up again as the force of nature she is. A humbling experience each time. I am often reminded and shown that we are but a tiny speck in the grand scheme of life and biology of this planet and how much gratitude I have to be an integral part of it, as small as I am as this body, yet connected to it all as as this spirit that I Am.

May and June see the arrival of the Gentle Giants of the Oceans, the Southern Right Whales. They move up from the Sub-antarctic to our waters to mate and birth and seek the quieter deep waters of our Bays. They often lie just off the coast and are a feature to this coastline until mid to end November.


If you are looking for a cosy weekend getaway, an adventure filled weekend, ‘work-a-way’ space or a space to write, read and relax, give us a call. Gansbaai offers so much and we would love to share our space and experiences with you.

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